Judi's Impossible Life Experience

My Impossible Life Experience

Impossible Career Success

I remember a time when I was told that it was
impossible for me to have a career in the field of Information Technology (IT) because I did not fit the profile and I did not excel at mathematics.

During my 12 year international career as an IT professional I held the positions as a network administrator, database programmer, Microsoft certified programmer and trainer, IT Technical Consultant and Specialist. The peak of my career saw me working on a specialist team for Norwich Union (now Aviva), one of the largest employers in the United Kingdom. I was an accredited member on a highly specialized team of 6 Technical Specialists in a IT department of 1500, withing a corporation of 35,000.

I was told it was impossible and did not let that stop me.

How did I succeed?

I made a decision and stuck with it. I kept my dream alive, looked for and took every opportunity that came my way, and went for it.

Impossible Health Success

I remember a time when doctors told me it would be impossible for me to heal my chronic headaches.

The headaches came on at age 17. Doctors tried everything. They said I would have to live with chronic pain and medications that really did nothing but make me numb.

How did I succeed?

I never gave up. I was not born with a headache. I was strong in my conviction that if this pain appeared in my life, there must be a way for it to disappear. Over 13 years living with chronic headache pain I continued searching for and found a solution in spiritual healing. I found the best teachers, learned everything I could, applied it to my life without reserve. In 90 days the headaches were gone for good.

How did I do it?

I stayed with intention to heal and an inner conviction that it was only a matter of time.

Impossible Healing Arts Success

I remember a time when I was told that it was impossible to support myself working in the healing arts, let alone travel around

the world while doing it.

I am now in my 21st year in practice. I have studied with the founders of groundbreaking techniques in four countries, launched a private practice, created an ever-expanding collection of self-healing guided imagery tools, trained hundreds in healing arts, been involved in a documentary on health and wellness, and evolved my offerings into an elite program of self-healing that is accessible to people worldwide.

The results are as remarkable as the people I work with every day. These folks are really quite impressive!

I do all this over the phone and video, having lived and worked from 4 different countries so far, with work reaching 11 countries so far, and counting.

How do I do it?

I had a vision, stuck with it, and

acted on it every day.

Some things don’t change much.

Now, at age 51, I feel like I am

just getting warmed up!

Stay tuned for my next impossible project!